If there is any inconsistency between this Constitution and the governing Act, the Act prevails.

Organizational Structure

The Association is managed under the auspices of the Executive Committee.

(1) The Executive Committee may exercise all the powers of the Association except those matters that the Act or this Constitution requires the Association to determine through a general meeting of members.

(2) The Executive Committee may appoint and remove staff.

(3) The Executive Committee may establish one or more subcommittees consisting of the members of the Association who the Executive Committee considers appropriate.

Composition of Executive Committee

(1) The Executive Committee consists of:

(a) A Chairperson;

(b) A Vice-Chairperson;

(c) A Secretary;

(d) A Treasurer; and

(e) A sector representative for Agriculture, Manufacturing, Tourism and Services who is appointed as additional member of the Executive Committee

(2) Unless elected directly as a separate office holder, the Executive Committee must appoint at least one Executive Committee member to be the Association's public officer/spokesperson.

(3) The Executive Committee may appoint to the its structure two(2) Additional Members considered critical for the proper functioning of its activities and purpose because they either have relevant resources or have specialist expertise and knowledge

Annual General Meeting and Special General Meeting

The Secretary must give all members at least 90 days prior notice of general meetings and special resolutions in the manner and time prescribed by this Constitution.

At a general meeting, the number or the proportion of members being at least 51 % and above present in person specified in the Schedule constitutes a quorum.